Lana Rae's last born (12/19/2016)

Great news from Switzerland! On December 19, 2016, the last born heifer calf from Lana Rae was born sired by Goldwyn. Congratulations to Andreas Haenni on this accomplishment.

LANA-RAE's top selling calf (10/19/2016)

(click to see larger image)

Gloryland Goldwyn Laya Rae-ET, high seller at the Haenni Farms @ Home Sale 2016 in Gerzensee, Switzerland. 15'000 Swiss Francs at 30 days of age. From left to right: Martin Moeri, Juerg Broennimann, Andreas Haenni of Haenni Farms (seller), Juerg Thierstein and Andres Broennimann.

LEXIE-Rae goes EX-96! (1/5/2016)

Lexie-Rae is the first official EX-96 cow of 2016! She is Excellent- 96 4E EEEEE. She is also the highest scored Sexation in the breed.

Lana RAe passes away (4/22/2015)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Lana Rae's passing on the morning of 4/22/2015.
She will be buried in the circle in front of the GLORYLAND sign. Lana Rae had a great
life and numerous desendents around the world.
Sincerely, Dave

LEXIE RAE (2/2015)

Lexie Rae is due end of September 2015 with a Golden Dreams heifer at 13 years of age.
She is now over 175,000 lifetime and still adding to it.!


Papa passed away at 91 on 7-14-14. He founded Gloryland Holsteins over 61 years ago.
He will be truly missed and never forgotten. I promised him there will always be cows
carrying the Gloryland prefix for many years to come.
Sincerely, Dave